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Friday, October 4, 2013

5 Free Online Twitter Background Generators

Twitter offers limited set of skills, and almost everyone wants to own something more great and fun. This is a assortment of 10 Free Websites that offer Free Twitter Backgrounds. These types of also allow you to customize background for free.

Twilk: This free site lets you make your Twitter background with profile photographs of your friends.

CustomBackgroundsForTwitter: This free website has one of the largest collection of free Twitter Backgrounds.

Twitbacks: Create your own Twitter background together with your branding.
MyTwitterBackgrounds: 900 FREE Twitter backgrounds, graphics, wallpaper & images.

FreeTwitterDesigner: This application keeps changing your Twitter background showing the weather of the area. 
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

10 Well Known Browsers in the Market

The very first thing we do, when an importance of information arises, is open a net browser and start searching. There are numerous browsers having their own distinctive features but here we will discuss about those browsers that have established a big user base

1. Mozilla Firefox: Firefox has emerged as a well-known internet browser for this allows a fast and reliable browsing to users.

2. Google Chrome: Though new in the field, but Google Chrome has pulled off effectively not because it arises from Google but because of the simplicity.

3. Internet Explorer: IE 8 comes laden with useful Security features such as for instance In Private Browsing and Smart Screen Filter.

4. Opera: Opera is just a function rich browser and a net suite that accompany useful in-built tools, however still it occupies a tiny market share.

5. Safari: Safari is just a product of Apple that gained instant recognition especially one of the Mac users and contains all the mandatory characteristics offered by different browsers notwithstanding some new ones.

6. Maxthon: It is filled with options and features. It has way better characteristics and speed contrasted with the different browsers.

7. UC Browser: It is the better mobile browser when it comes to download speed, graphics, browsing experience, error freed sign ups, uniqueness, interface etc.

8. Avant: Avant makes you have a feeling that you're utilizing the top three browsers within the planet in the meantime, on the same browser.

9. Seamonkey: It hold incredible characteristics, for example web scanning, message sending, visiting and so forth.

10. Deepnet Explorer: Deepnet Explorer has the incredible characteristics. This fair browser support Microsoft Windows OS.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

10 CSS Tools For Designers

CSS is undoubtedly the most popular programming language amongst the present day developers and designers. Here is a lists of CSS tools that are much important for the developers who are new in this field.
1. ExtractCSS: This is basically a web-based free software. This extracts style related information from HTML.

2. Tridiv: To create 3D CSS shapes and styles, Tridiv is the best web application that is free to use.


3. ResponsiveWeb CSS: This is a web based tool that helps in creating responsive layout of skeleton.

4. EmmetLiveStyle: This helps in CSS editing with an editor plug-in and browser.

5. Buttons: Modern and updated buttons can be created with highly flexible and customizable buttons with this CSS library.
6. CSS3 Patterns: This helps to create good looking patterns on the website.

7. CSSMatic: This is an ultimate tool that is extremely useful for the designers.

8. GroundworkCSS: This is basically a CSS and HTML5 tool that is fully responsive and helpful.

9. CSS Menu maker: CSS Menu maker is basically beneficial in creating a customized drop down menu box.

10. Layer Styles: It is basically an app of HTML5 that helps to create CSS3 spontaneously.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

7 Powerful Responsive HTML5 Frameworks

If HTML spearheaded web development, HTML5 only made it easier to be more dynamic. HTML5 revolutionized embedding multimedia content while coding a website. Though it is a celebrated improvement on the beloved markup language, developers do not shy away from using a few quick tools and frameworks for HTML5. HTML5 framework primarily helps in speeding up the development process, thus the development process easier.  There are several powerful responsive HTML5 frameworks that have become extremely popular. Foundation, Skeleton, CreateJS, Less Framework and Twitter Bootstrap are counted among the best and most powerful responsive HTML5 frameworks today. 

1. Twitter Bootstrap

 2. Foundation

3. CreateJS

 4. HTML5 KickStart

5. Montage HTML5 Framework


6. HTML5 Boilerplate

 7. Gridless


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Friday, August 16, 2013

8 Major Resources For Engineering A Good Website

8 Major Resources For Engineering A Good Website Building a website can be a tough job if proper resources are not available or if their apt use is not known. This becomes very much toiling for those who are not that familiar with coding. Here is a list of the eight most vital resources which are a must for engineering a website:

1. Domain Search
This is the preliminary step for making a website. The owner needs to buy a domain name for the website. A person seeking for owning a website must first ensure the availability of the domain name, and then opt for buying it, as a few slapdash people overlook that.

2. 99designs
99 designs find their applicability in creating the design of the websites. After feeding in the requirements like the payments modes, logo, promotional strategies and many more, the designers initiate the establishment process of a website.

3. Woothemes
They are the ones which are responsible for setting up the themes. They provide an upgrade of the simple and intuitive themes of WordPress.

4. oDesk
o Desk creates a valuable content for the websites and the owners feed in the particular details.

5. Theme forest + marketplace
This is a notarized and recognized place for design’s verdict and developmental resources.

6. TaskUs
This resource enables the owner of the website to work efficiently and cater services or tasks to the people round the globe.

7. Flowtown
It is a immense source of social media which allows the website to get in touch with the customers in every feasible way.

8. W3C Validator
This is an extremely valuable resource for those who enjoy grasping the concepts of coding.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Top 10 high quality free fonts For Designers

Typography is a very important part of any web design. It can not only convey artistic statement but also convey the mood of the website. You will notice a huge distinction in the usage of fonts if you compare a government website with one that is targeted towards teenagers. In fact fonts can spice up the design and make a bold statement to the audience. When a font perfectly blends with the theme of the website it looks amazing. You need to be extremely choosy while selecting fonts for your website. Here is a list of 10 high quality fonts for designers.

1. Code Pro

2. HECTICA Typeface

3. Track free font

4. Morden Free Font

5. Metropolis free font

6. VAL Stencil 

7. BARON Free Font

8. Free Idealist Sans

9. Palacio Free Font

10. Quirky Nots (Free Font)

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Monday, February 13, 2012

A Brief Reminder on PSD to CSS Conversion Process

Internet has grown on to become in the most powerful marketing platform and at the same time websites have come a long way from being interlinked pages containing text and pictures. They have become visually attractive and functionally dynamic. PSD to HTML has emerged as one of the most revered techniques of web development as it allows you to achieve a unique looking website with high amount of robustness. One of the driving forces behind this is the CSS or the Cascading Style Sheet and no wonder professional developers around the world put a lot of weight behind PSD to CSS conversion while developing a website.
You might be wondering what exactly is this PSD to CSS and why is it considered to be so important for web development. To start with you will have to agree to the fact that a unique looking website themed around a business will add a lot to the brand value. Now you can’t achieve this solely designing a website in HTML or any other webs based technology. The fact is they are coding language or a platform and not design tools. This is why most traditional websites looked identical as there was little you could have done to their look and feel.

This is where you use the awesome power of Photoshop comes in to play as there isn’t a better design tool in the market. You can run your imagination wild while designing a website with this tool and play with graphics, images, colors and gradients. But why convert PSD Design  to HTML/CSS? The answer is quite simple Photoshop files aren’t compatible with the web and need to be converted into a suitable markup such as HTML or XHTML to ensure that they render on a web browser. The CSS file serves as the backbone of any website as it describes the way semantics are presented in an HTML document. It defines how the HTML/XHTML website appears on the web browser.

In this process the Photoshop file is sliced where different sections of the website are separated to define their functionality. These image files are then coded into coded into HTML/CSS to make it ready for the browser. The coding is done manually using semantic coding techniques which ensures that the websites are search engine friendly and have a lighter code base. In the next step the coding undergoes W3C validation which checks for errors in the coding and validates the code for improved performance which is important in this highly competitive Internet environment.
There are a lot of advantages that PSD to CSS conversion brings to your website. First and foremost it lends uniformity to the website in terms of color scheme, fonts, image size etc. which are vital for the brand value of your website. Secondly CSS helps in keeping the code base short which helps in reducing the load time of a website on the browser. This conversion also makes the website cross browser compatible which help in increasing its popularity and appeal. Along with this it also plays a vital role in making websites device independent.

Both the HTML and the CSS files play complementary role towards each other and it would be difficult for you to achieve a visually attractive website. This conversion job needs high level of skills and expertise on the part of the developer and only the most proficient of developers can give your website the competitive edge. Make sure the developers you hire have knowledge of manually coding a website and have sound knowledge of tools such as HTML5 and CSS3.

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