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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Convert Your PSD files to Functional Website with PSD to HTML Conversion

With the enormous reach of web services in the very household of every consumer, it is very essential for the overall success of an enterprise to have a website. Internet has huge potential as a medium and provides widespread opportunities for easy trade and commerce and growth of the business. Thus in order to tap these entire extensive opportunities one must mark the online presence with the help of a website. However internet galore with a number of websites thus it is not sufficient enough to just have a website, but in order to survive the fast track competitive internet world your website must be have a unique appeal and be dynamic. It should offer its users a never seen before experience. One of the pre requisite for obtaining a fully functional website is to have a unique design of it. PSD files are Photo shop design documents which is the image representation of the look and the design of the website that you desire. However you need change your PSD to HTML in order to obtain dynamic and web compatible pages as PSD itself lack the functionality and user interactive features. PSD to HTML conversion helps you in obtaining highly dynamic and fully functional web pages.

HTML is regarded as the language of the internet and its elements forms the basic building blocks of internet. PSD to XHTML/HTML empowers you to include motion and graphics and amazing designs and thus helps in attracting visitors. The most advantageous feature of HTML is that it is device independent and thus can be easily loaded on any HTML aware device. 

There are many ways to convert PSD to HTML. You may do it yourself if you have the profound technical knowledge or you may outsource your project to a professional web development firm or a hire a professional developer to do the same. Always make it a point to never use software for the conversion as the software developed website sustains a lot of bugs and errors and proves to be dysfunctional with time. A dysfunctional website can completely clobber your image in the eyes of the internet users. 

Although there are many tutorials available on the net, if you lack the complete technical understanding, instead of wasting your time and efforts, better contact a professional developer. Professional developers will hand code the PSD to CSS/HTML in a table less clean coding format. The subsequent conversion will have a W3C validation, a basic requirement for the successful website as it ascertains that the website is efficient and fully functional. Besides professionals will also ensure PSD to CSS coding, making your website designed according to users and reducing the length and amount of coding hence reducing the loading time of your website. If your website gets quickly downloaded on the web browser, it will naturally attract more users. And talking about the web browsers, the professional PSD to HTML conversion will be compatible with different web browsers. The design code of your new website will be tested across various prevalent browsers like Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera etc to ensure that different users can access your website easily. To give your website a clean and consistent look, pixel perfect conversions are made to obtain visually appealing and unfailing web designs. And here comes the most important advantage. Efficient PSD to HTML coding ensures Search engine optimization. Certain keywords are incorporated in the website from the designing stage itself, especially in the URL, image links, Meta tags etc to help improve the search engines ranking of your website. 

Thus, convert PSD to CSS/HTML and obtain a complete website enriched with various gainful features.


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.PSD to HTML provides better knowledge of markup which helps in increasing page ranks and .PSD to HTML slicing reduces the file size which can be easily edited and read.

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