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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

PSD to HTML/ XHTML Conversion: Make Your Non-functional PSD files functional

With time, the number of websites on the Internet has increased with incredible pace. This is because, in today's globalized era every business looks forward to expand its reach and cater to international customers with the help of a website. However, website building is a very time consuming, cumbersome and complicated process. It demands thorough knowledge of technologies and appropriate skills. Website development involves a number of steps. In order to get a fully fledged website, it is important to convert PSD to HTML. Without converting PSD to XHTML/HTML, it is impossible to launch a website on a browser. It is only after the PSD to CSS/HTML conversion that a website is complete and ready to be launched.

PSD or the photoshop design files are not compatible to be run on the internet and hence can be called as non functional page. In order to make them functional, it is important to convert PSD design to HTML. For this, it is required to slice PSD to HTML first and then so on. To begin with, you need to slice the Photoshop image in to various layers. It is a very crucial process and should be done with utmost precision. After slicing the images, you can add various elements like buttons, links etc. At this stage, the site is in static mode. Next and most important process is to code the design. It is only after adding HTML codes that website becomes dynamic and hence complete to be launched in browsers.

PSD to HTML is the best method to get a professional, dynamic and user friendly website. This conversion guarantees all the important features like web browser compatibility, W3C validation, semantic coding, clean code etc. This conversion ensures that your non functional PSD files have been converted into fully functional and dynamic websites.

A manual PSD to HTML conversion provides the best results. It guarantees below mentioned advantages for a website.

1. Cross browser compatibility: This is an important feature that every website should have to be accessible to millions of users. Cross browser compatibility ensures that a website can be accessed via different browsers like Safari, Firefox, IE, Chrome etc. If a website is not compatible across all major browsers, it will lose out on a majority of users as different people use different browsers to surf the net.

2. W3C validation: W3C stands for World Wide Web consortium and it guides web developers to develop well structured websites. PSD to HTML conversion ensures that your PSD files are converted into a W3C validated website.

3. Semantic coding: Semantic coding ensures that the design has a neat look and all elements are at their right places. With PSD to HTML conversion, you can rest assured that your website will have semantic coding.

4. Clean code structure: This conversion ensures that all pages are coded in a meticulous manner so as to avoid any error and hence give a clean code structure to your website. A clean code structure ensures that a website performs all well without any glitches.

5. Pixel perfect conversion: This feature ensures that a website bears the consistent look across different web browsers. PSD to HTML conversion ensures that your PSD files are converted into a visually appealing website that bears the same look across different browsers as well as across different platforms.

From the above discussion it is quite evident that PSD to HTML conversion is one of the best ways to convert your non functional PSD files into fully functional ones. Besides, this conversion guarantees some amazing features and benefits utilizing which a website can gain much in terms of traffic and ROI. Always hire a professional and experienced PSD to HTML conversion service provider to ensure that you get the best results.


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