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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How PSD to HTML is Convenient Option for Website

For the sustainable growth and development of an enterprise and to turn it into a profitable venture, some sort of web presence is extremely essential. The times have changed and today Internet has found its way in the very homes of people. People are aware about the technological innovations and actively make use of it in their daily life. A website tirelessly perform the task of marketing and promotion and advertising etc of your enterprise, it various products, services, achievements and etc.

Usually it is observed that there is a lot of hue and cry surrounding the procurement of a website. However the truth is PSD to HTML conversion makes the process of getting a website, a really convenient option. The advent of superior web services and the specialized profound knowledge of PSD to HTML have made it really easy for individuals and organizations to obtain a custom made website.

PSD file is an abbreviation for Photo shot design file. Photo shop or related software provides you a comprehensive platform to design your desired profile. However photo hop files lacks functionality and user navigation and can’t be directly uploaded in the web browser due to compatibility issues. To tackle the same, an effective solution lies with PSD to HTML conversion.

HTML is today considered as the language of the internet and HTML elements forms the basic building blocks of any web page. The most advantageous feature of HTML is that it can be read and understood by any web browser who is just aware about it. Thus PSD design to HTML helps in making a very web friendly and dynamic website.

In addition to that, PSD to XHTML/HTML takes charge of any of your anxieties surrounding website development as it is very convenient and user friendly. The HTML coding required for building a website isn’t tedious and can be easily learned over the time. The coding and testing stages though are dealt with superior precision and concern, but aren’t that complicated. Besides the outcome of a superior quality, web friendly and dynamic website is a certainty.

However with the ease of use and user friendliness, one shouldn’t be tempted to do it on your own in case you lack the technical knowledge. Though there are PSD to HTML tutorials available, but it becomes really clumsy for the budding developers in case they don’t have the required training and skill set. And be extra careful to not to use an automatic software to do the same, because the website will sustain bugs and will prove out to be dysfunctional after a while.

The best way for to convert PSD to HTML is a professional hand coded conversion. The hand coded conversion though takes time but ensures superior quality websites. While slicing and coding the PSD file into HTML, professional developers also perform convert the PSD to CSS. CSS is an acronym for cascading style sheet language which is employed to define the presentation semantics (i.e. fonts, styling, page layout etc) of the website. It reduces the entire coding required by allowing the repeated calls for the similar codes. The coding is directly proportional to the loading time of your website i.e. more the coding, more it will take the web browsers to load your website. Thus with effective PSD to HTML conversion you receive the benefits of a highly spontaneous, interactive and dynamic website.

It should also be noted that hand coded PSD to HTML template conversion has a natural W3C validation which ensures that the website works efficiently in the long run. Besides the ultimate product is pixel perfect, ascertaining that the website has an appealing and consistent look through out. SEO is take care of from the design stages itself and by using proper keywords, anchor tags and Meta tags etc, a high organic traffic and early appearance on the reach engine pages is ensured for your website. The ultimate design is tested across various web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE etc to make the website cross browser compatible, allowing different users with different web browsers to access it easily.

Thus if you convert PSD to HTML, you conveniently receives a website designed for success.


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