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Monday, November 7, 2011

Tips for Creating Effective Drupal Website With PSD to Drupal Conversion

In the world of web development, Drupal is one of the leading content management systems. Thanks to its user-friendliness and expandability. This explains the rising popularity of PSD to Drupal conversion as a method of developing dynamic websites. This conversion allows you to have visually attractive as well as robust business website. Being an open source platform it has caught the imagination of many web developers around the world. Powered by PHP, it is ideally suited for both small start-ups as well big businesses.

You need to keep in mind that there are certain basic procedures that should be followed when you convert PSD to Drupal for the website to reap maximum benefits. The conversion needs to be executed with surgical precision for it in order to look attractive. The framework of the website needs to be strong so that it can be effectively managed using the web based interface. The website also needs to be high on security aspects, especially in case of an online store.

Important Tips for PSD to Drupal Conversion

•    Flawless Coding
- One of the most important steps in PSD to HTML/ Drupal web development is the conversion of the PSD file into HTML/XHTML which is web compatible format. You need to make sure that the PSD images are hand coded after they have been sliced, but auto generated codes make the website heavy and increase its load time. In many cases, their codes have serious errors which cannot be debugged easily. It is advisable to use semantic coding technique as this defines all the elements of the website and improves their performance on all major search engines.

•    W3C Validation - World Wide Web Consortium has laid down some basic rules and standards which you need to abide by to make your website efficient. During your PSD to Drupal theme conversion you need to ensure that the website is W3C validated so that to improve the performance of your website. W3C validation also ensures that your website is in synch with the latest technological trends.

•    CSS File For Uniformity – You would want your website to be uniform across all pages and sections. This can be achieved by developing a powerful CSS file. This will ensure that the font, size, images and color scheme will be uniform throughout your website. It separates the design element from the content and gives you a lot of freedom in publishing content. Also changes to all the pages can be executed by tweaking the CSS files if required.

•    Cross Browser Compatibility - It is very important for your website to be cross-browser compatible. Visitors will use different operating systems and browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari) to access your website.  When you convert PSD to Drupal you need to ensure that the website is rendering precisely in different browsers and functions uniformly on all of them. You will be more prone to lose traffic as well as earn a bad name if your website wouldn’t be a cross browser compatible site.

These tips can be proved as an effective marketing tool for your business. They will give you the much needed competitive edge over your business rivals. This can only be achieved when you hire the services of developers who have expertise in PSD to Drupal theme conversion. Slicing files, converting to HTML/XHTML and creating a CSS file will test the skills of the developers and you need to be very choosy about the developers or firms you engage for the job. Peeking into their portfolio would help you zero in on the right developers for the job.


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