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Monday, November 28, 2011

Website Efficiency Depends on PSD to CSS Conversion

Having a website isn’t enough in today’s highly competitive business environment. It has to be attractive, highly functional and most importantly efficient to add to your competitive advantage. PSD to HTML conversion is a way of achieving it and PSD to CSS conversion plays a pivotal role to increasing website efficiency. It turns a simple PSD file into a web compatible format allowing you to have a unique looking website. This is the need of the hour to turn your website into a powerful marketing tool for your business.

PSD to CSS method solves two fundamental challenges that a web developer faces – how to attract the visitors and the search engines at the same time. The CSS or the Cascading Style Sheet is a styling language that encompasses all the information about the presentation of a web page on a browser. From color scheme to the font and the size of images to the placement of multimedia elements, CSS file controls all the design attributes of your website. 

How PSD to CSS Conversion Increase Website Efficiency

1  Visual appearance plays a vital role in increasing the efficiency of website and the CSS file enhances the looks and makes your website presentable to the visitors. It lends uniformity to the website which helps attract visitors 

2  When you convert PSD to HTML/CSS it reduces the load time of a web page on a browser thereby increasing its efficiency. This allows you target wide customer base using slow internet connections. 

3  PSD to CSS conversion is friendly towards the search engines which is one of the primary targets for any web developer. It attracts the search engine crawlers which help in ranking your website high on the results pages. It attracts traffic for keywords and key phrase based searches. 

4  You can make a website accessible to the screen readers with the help of PSD to CSS conversion. Since the content of the websites is separated from the design element the website becomes easily interpretable to the screen readers. 

5  CSS is a highly flexible element in web development and allows developers to add components in the website at will. The streaming of video and pod-casting of audio files is boosted when you convert PSD to CSS.

6  PSD to CSS helps you design and manage a completely customizable website. With this conversion you will be able to run a website using open source content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

7  Your website needs to be compatible with multiple browsers to increase its efficiency and traffic and PSD to CSS lets you achieve that. It ensures that your web pages are accessible via different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari and bear a consistent look.

8  Since CSS is the nerve center which controls all the attributes of a website changes can be effected in the website by modifying the CSS file thus increasing the efficiency. This relieves you of the ordeal of making changes in every web page. 

Flawless coding of the CSS file requires expertise and you should hire only the best in business for your web development. One needs to handle carefully a CSS file to develop a picture perfect website. Make sure they have handled PSD to XHTML/HTML projects in the past. They should adhere to the latest methods of web development and validate the website as per the standards of W3C. Take a look at their portfolio and visit the websites developed by them. This will help you in choosing the best service providers for your PSD to CSS conversion. 


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