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Friday, July 29, 2011

PSD to CSS Conversion: An Essential Part of Web Development Process

The time moves forward and newer discoveries and inventions certainly introduce in the world of technology. In context of internet, the inventions are really worth mentioning. At present, maximum number of people utilize internet for various kind of things. Web industry is one such arena which is good for nothing without the presence of internet. Moreover the scope of web development has been extremely widened and it would be inefficient to make use of traditional and old methods in web development process. Today there are millions of websites running on the platform of World Wide Web, so there are very less chances for an individual to prove themselves as the better web player than other. For that, your website needs to have an appealing look and fully featured functionalities as well.

When we talk about to draw the attention of visitors, we mean to present the website’s content in a stunning way, so that visitors may get into the site and recommend it to others too. This can be made possible by the flawless application of PSD to CSS conversion in the web development process. Well, for beginners, here is a short tutorial in regards to PSD to HTML/CSS conversion. PSD files basically generate from Photoshop and due to its poor accessibility on the internet it requires to be converted to any web compatible format and that is HTML/CSS. PSD to HTML conversion enables the content of the website to be accessible on the internet while PSD to CSS gives it a style of presentation. Along with the presentation pattern of the content, PSD to CSS also looks after the loading efficiency of the website on all major browsers. In a nutshell, PSD to CSS conversion is meant to be used for enhancing the presentation pattern and the loading process of the site within relevant time duration.

Now, how PSD to CSS Conversion supports the website in the fast loading of the web pages. Actually, CSS makes the web page lighter and thus assists in fast loading. On the other hand, the page created without CSS takes more time in loading the same web page. The consequences of slow loading would not be in your favor, as it can irritate visitors of your site and you can lose the credibility of your site. The difference in loading time plays a vital role in the success and failure of a website. In this cut throat competition, fast loading of the website is an essential feature that should be there in a website, otherwise a bad impression of your site would be reflected. The reason behind this is that, a visitor is not going to wait for too long to see your site after a click. In addition to the loading time, the way of presentation of the site’s content is another significant attribute that attracts visitors to come across the site.

At last but not the least, we would like to conclude the post with the statement that the presentation pattern of a website is equally important as the information given in the website. Hence, PSD to CSS conversion is an imperative phenomenon in the web development process.


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