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Monday, November 21, 2011

Scope and Importance of PSD to Email Conversion

It is not a hidden fact that effective communications lays down the foundation for a steady and sustainable relationship. The same holds true for the enterprise – client relationship. There is not a bigger bliss for a company, than a happy and satisfied customer. If a customer is satisfied, not only does it save the company from putting all the efforts in persuasion and promotion, but a happy customer bring along with himself, new business prospects.

A healthy and continuous channel of communication ensures customer satisfaction. It makes them believe that the enterprise cares beyond business. A simple “We miss you” if the customer hasn’t returned, sweet congratulations and free gifts or discount offers near around the birthdays and anniversaries etc helps in building the faith of the customer in the enterprise – client bond.

Though the traditional means of gift cards and email reminders still are the cherished way, however the widespread advancements in science and technology and the consistent innovation in the field of web services have brought to the users a completely new and mesmerizing technology of PSD to Email conversion. PSD to email template is the current popular trend in the markup services.

Anyone who is aware of the web design and development scenario understands the applications of a PSD file. It is a photo shop design file which represents the look and company specific design of your website. However it lacks in being compatible with the web server and providing user interaction and navigation. PSD to HTML email makes available a very dynamic, web compatible and animated version of the PSD file. Imagine the impression it will make on the users when they’ll find out your website and you emails have the same customized and distinct appeal. In today’s world, branding, packaging and presentation have gained unavoidable position and importance.

Besides, one can’t deny the strategic advantage of email marketing. Marketing and promoting your business through via email is the latest buzz word and a lot of corporate houses are using the technology to generate more leads. Just by making users sign up for your monthly newsletter and etc, you give your business a much wider audience and user base. If you wish to spread information about the launch of a new product, make them aware of the products and services, new schemes and offers, PSD to CSS/Email template is the best solution.

The conversion services are provided by efficient coders at affordable prices and let you enjoy a lifelong advantage. Also with PSD to HTML email you have the liberty to include your unique style, style branding, company’s logo, USP etc in the email and provide the users a never seen before experience. It will give out the message to the users that you care enough for your business to get a unique and distinct HTML email, so obviously you will care enough about the customers as well. And the edge it gives you over your competitors who are still using the age old plain boring emails is just beyond words.

The resulting PSD to Email template will boast of a W3C validation and thus will be fully functional and efficient across web platforms. Also it will have an enormous scope as it will be able to penetrate through various popular web browsers and will be fully functional across them. The PSD to XHTML/HTML email will be tested across different popular browsers and platforms and thus will efficiently work on various formats like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Outlook Express 2003 and 2007. The cross browser compatibility will make it easily accessible across various popular web browsers like Opera, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome or even through their smart phones.

Thus convert PSD to HTML/email and enjoy the strategic advantages of the same.


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