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Monday, May 23, 2011

PSD to Wordpress Conversion in the Generation of Wordpress 3.1

The Photoshop document file cannot be accessed on any browser until it has not been converted into any compatible format like HTML/CSS/XHTML. In the same way, a Wordpress website can be accessed on the internet only when it would have gone through PSD to Wordpress conversion process. Moreover, PSD to Wordpress conversion is the only way to convert PSD to Wordpress theme. In addition, the code generated by Wordpress is highly search engine friendly with W3C standards.

Over the past few years, Wordpress has undergone through several revisions and this time, Wordpress 3.1 is prevailing across the entire web market. This is the latest version with more features and functionalities. So far, Wordpress has launched 14 versions and this one is the latest release with the code name of ‘Reinhardt’. The latest version has came up with brand new features, which Wordpress designers can fully utilized in order to create the site with more functionalities.

PSD to Wordpress in the generation of ‘Wordpress 3.1’

On the release of Wordpress 3.1 version, the only question that prevails around the entire web market is “who is going to rule in the Wordpress market now?” When the concern is of PSD to Wordpress theme, this question becomes the base of a cold war within the Wordpress house. This makes web oriented people to ponder on the importance of PSD to HTML/Wordpress conversion in the generation of Wordpress 3.1.

As for now, it seems that the scope of Wordpress 3.1 would be widened as it is an improved version of Wordpress and that may compel PSD to Wordpress conversion to face the declined phase. In one sentence you may illustrate this as the emergence of PSD to Wordpress 3.1 conversion and the declination of PSD to CSS/Wordpress conversion. And the reason is very obvious; improved and upgraded versions always come with something phenomenal and have better features than earlier. Moreover, everybody would like to have the upgraded version of Wordpress in order to avail more and better features.

Future of PSD to Wordpress in the generation of ‘Wordpress 3.1’

With the release of new version, Wordpress 3.1, the conversion market has become more competitive than ever before. The latest version has really made the Wordpress the most powerful blogging platform. At present, the pace at which the Wordpress 3.1 is grabbing the immense popularity, it is really difficult to scale the scope of PSD to Wordpress in future. The latest version has become the milestone for its predecessor.

As Wordpress 3.1 is getting excellent response, all PSD to Wordpress conversion service provider are extremely confused about the future of Wordpress market. Well, the exact future cannot be predicted thoroughly but the pace at which Wordpress 3.1 is getting popularity, one thing is sure that the inclusion of Wordpress 3.1 is going to affect the previous PSD to XHTML/Wordpress conversion service. So, it is advised to Wordpress designers to keep their focus on the latest version of Wordpress.

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