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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

PSD to CSS conversion: A Prerequisite for a Good Website

A good website is vital for long term success in today’s time. There is a plenty of websites flourishing the internet these days, and are now well placed with the respective audience group. Thus to give your website a kick start in the competitive online arena, you must consider PSD to CSS conversion. 

 PSD to CSS conversion provides you with a very well organized and fully functional websites. The internet is a very competitive and fast tracked world; the online users are impatient and are looking for instantaneous answers to their questions. No one has the time to go through the website at length, if in the very beginning they feel repulsive. PSD to HTML/ CSS conversion helps your present your website content in a very catchy and user centric way. 

CSS is a short termed expression for Cascading Style Sheet language. Its fundamental application is to define the presentation semantics of HTML documents. Presentation semantics plays in important role in human – computer interaction and specifies how a piece of content will be represented in a proper way so as to arrest the user’s attention and be easily accessible to human senses. It primarily enables the programmers and/ or developers to differentiate between the document content which is being written in HTML/ XHTML or a similar markup and the document presentation which includes all the presentation and styling elements like layout, colors, fonts and etc. Thus it may be summed that PSD to XHTML/ CSS conversion helps in properly and systematically arrange the web design and development page and hence provides far better flexibility and control in presentation characteristics of your website and increases your website’s content accessibility. 

What makes PSD to CSS conversion extremely crucial for your website is the fact that it transforms your plain simple and perhaps a dull website into a very visually appealing one. The internet already has a number of websites, and PSD to CSS conversion helps you stand out in the crowd. To achieve the same, first you are required to slice PSD to HTML. And the presentation semantics are altered after the markup conversion. If a person has a detailed knowledge of PSD to CSS conversion, he’ll be able to provide all these services, in no time.
Besides PSD to CSS conversion fast tracks the entire coding process. Hand coding a PSD File to be launched as website is a very tedious and time consuming process. At times it may call for a detailed coding of a lot many pages. It may take a lot of time to code all the pages of the website but PSD to CSS conversion reduces the coding time by giving developers the liberty to write the style code just once and call it repeatedly as and when required. Hence in addition to reducing the coding time it also prevents the repetition or duplication of the same codes several times.
Loading time is an important aspect for the success of a website. It is basically the time your website takes to load in the user’s web browser. The quick the loading time, the better and if it takes long for your website to load, it may cause you loss of your business. PSD to CSS reduces the loading time by systematically arranging the codes and the content and eliminating the repetitive elements of coding.

CSS is maintained by W3C. W3C is the universal governing body for the website development and design. The subsequent PSD design to HTML/CSS will be fully functional and efficient as it will be at par with the W3C standards and will have a W3C validation. W3C validation is supremely important to obtain a good quality website. Furthermore, efficient coding will add the feature of cross browser compatibility to your website, which enables different users using different web browsers like Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera etc to easily access your website.

Thus, to obtain a highly functional and systematic website and relish the lifelong benefits of a feature rich web design; convert PSD to CSS is the process which can do all this for you.


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