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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Brief About PSD to HTML5 conversion

What is PSD? Photoshop file format is called PSD or PDD. The images modes like Duotone, CMYK, RGB, Bitmap, Grayscale and Multichannel is being supported by PSD. In addition to this, layers, channels, clipping paths, etc., are also being supported by it. A PSD theme can easily be converted or integrated with any of your open source Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

What is HTML5? HTML5, also known as Hypertext Markup Language is a formatting language, which is used by numerous developers and programmers for documentation purpose. HTML5 is the latest edition of HTML, which helps the programmers in dealing with video, audio and canvas elements on web. Multimedia is one of the greatest advantages with HTML5.

When a designer wants to integrate a PSD theme with CMS, he/she converts PSD to HTML5. HTML5 is used for PSD to CSS Conversion because of its gained popularity. It is being assisted by many renowned browsers such as, Apple, Microsoft, Firefox, Mozilla and many more. Also, PSD to HTML5 conversion does not require any urgent updates from the browser. The benefit of converting PSD to CSS:
  • Improves the use of internet around the world
  • It is search engine friendly, thus they can easily understand the content of the site resulting in increase in rank of the website
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Help in getting new website
  • Able to draw 2D, insertion of video and audio files from the website
  • Decrease the download time of the webpage
  • Adherence to latest guideline and protocol of the internet.
HTML5 coding has changed the coding style of the website developers which they used in 1990. Today, coding method and PSD to CSS Conversion have provided website developers variety of different uses and level of control on their site.
PSD to HTML5 conversion help you in customizing your design on Joomla, WordPress and other open source CMS. You can design the theme on Photoshop and with the help of expert CMS developers; get it integrated on the CMS you use to host your website.

Converting PSD to Joomla or any other CMS assist you in increasing cross browser compatibility. If you want many people around the world, to visit your website on any browser, PSD to HTML5 (Which is necessary to integrate the PSD theme with your CMS) can be a big help. It provides many attractive features to site and improves its design. Moreover, you can edit these templates as per clients and market demand. Similar to Joomla, PSD also offer several advantages in WordPress Conversion such as, semantic coding, on time delivery, hand coded markup and improves in quality of service and support.

Thus, PSD conversion enable the open source CMS to access to best coding services, more efficiency and flexibility, positive customer response and feedback, and saves the huge investment on updating the website regularly. Through PSD design to HTML/CSS conversion you can easily customize the design new templates on open sources. This customization is done on the demand of website user, client, market and change in product line or services. Furthermore, you can easily improve the quality and content of your site through PSD to HTML5. PSD and HTML5 have proved to be a boon for many businessmen and entrepreneur with its unmatchable features and advantages.


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