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Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Procedure of Converting PSD files to HTML format

PSD to HTML process is all about integrating your website theme which you have created on Photoshop, on any other open source Content Management Systems including WordPress, Joomla, or any open source eCommerce platform such as Magento. All these open source content management systems come with plug-ins that allow you to set your PSD file as their themes. And while executing PSD to HTML conversion, you first need to convert your PSD to HTML/XHTML which are the most popular mark up languages used to displays your data on the website pages. Without converting PSD to HTML, you cannot incorporate the design or theme on your website. All the open source content management systems support HTML and XHTML languages. So, first convert your PSD to HTML and then implement the HTML coding on any of the CMS of your choice and thus, get the desired theme for you website.

How to Convert PSD to HTML?

There are two ways you can execute PSD to HTML conversion. First, hire a professional and leave all the responsibility of the conversion upon him/her. A professional PSD to HTML converter will do the needful, but it may cost you dolors of money. Besides, you may also not get the desired results as the person or company your have hired may not execute the idea. So, when you hire a professional, you should contact an organization that has been engaged in the sphere for long and has a long list of satisfied customers. Second, do the task yourself. When you wish to convert PSD to HTML, you must have knowledge about HTML language, and you must also be aware of the step-by-step process to ensure better results. 

Here is a procedure of converting PSD files to HTML format in brief, which will help you execute the job with ease: 

Set you goals and analyze the PSD: It is very important to set your goals before converting PSD to HTML. You should be very clear about the objective of the process. Once you are sure what kind of website, you have visualized, it is time to analyze the PSD. You should figure out, what probable hindrance you may come across during the process. 

Slice the PSD file: This is the most important steps of converting a PSD file to HTML. Slice the PSD file into different layers. Adobe Photoshop is the widely used software for editing an image. You can use this software to slice the images. Once the slicing is done, you can change the background of the image or insert any other effect. You may also add different buttons, text boxes and links and other elements to the sliced images. You also need to convert PSD to CSS to define the style sheet of the web pages. 

Integration: PSD to HTML conversion requires great coding skills. You have to ensure that the web pages, you integrate are pixel perfect. It is always advised go for manual coding as it reduces the chances of errors. 

Insert content: Once you write all the code and integrate the PSD file, it is time to insert the content, which is the most important elements of any website. You can design the web pages according your will and adjust the content in the best possible manner ensuring the attractiveness of the page. You may also insert logos and graphics to make you site more eye-catching. 

Test multi-browser compatibility: After the web pages are ready, check the compatibility of your site on different browsers. If your website is not compatible with any browser, you can make some changes in the coding to run the website on that browser. 

So, PSD to HTML is not an tough task, you just need to be expert of HTML and XHTML and things will become easy for you.


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