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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

SEO Semantic Ecommerce stores with PSD to Magento

In the present digitized world, being hyper-actively run on technology, the relevance of an ecommerce web portal need not be explained. The present day users have evolved and are much more aware of the technological advancements and vigorously employ technology and web services to get instant solutions to their various problems. Even the present corporate houses have realized the same trend and are now looking forward for developing ecommerce based websites, to uplift their business endeavors. The platform for ecommerce website development is open for any / all corporate houses, regardless of their scale and size.

In the wake of the present trends of ecommerce website developments, PSD to Magento conversions have emerged as a highly productive and profitable solution. Magento is a powerful open source ecommerce publishing platform, and undoubtedly the most reliable solution available today to develop an online store.

Amidst the various benefits provided by PSD to HTML/Magento conversion – like managing multiple websites via same admin bar, multiple language and currency support, comprehensive product descriptions with multiple images per product, easy menu management and catalogue management and etc, PSD to CSS/Magento conversions provide you with highly SEO semantic online stores. SEO or search engine optimization is the attribute of a website which makes it rank higher / appear early on the search engine results. Various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc are widely used by the users to search for various solutions and for your online business store to become a success, it is imperative for your website to be displayed on the first page of the search engines results.

A PSD file or a photo shop design file is a static file, which although lets you define the look and design of your website and make it really engaging and appealing, but the same PSD file is static and cannot be directly uploaded to web browser, owing to its bulky size and zero user navigation. It is imperative to convert PSD to Magento, in order to achieve dynamic and web compatible web pages.

Prior to PSD to Magento Conversion, PSD design to HTML process has to be performed, in order to make the PSD file web compatible. HTML today is regarded as the language of Internet and its elements form the basic building blocks of any web page. A PSD file is sliced accordingly, is separated into various sections like headers, footers, body tag and etc, and the same is then effectively coded into an HTML document. This process is highly essential for search engine optimization of the online store as well. Any web developer, with proper use of keywords in the URL, the image tags and the H1, H2, and H3 tags etc ensures high amount of organic traffic for your ecommerce website.
Besides Magento, as an ecommerce website development platform is itself completely search engine friendly. PSD to Magento Conversions gives you a comprehensive solution to define Google site maps. Google is undoubtedly the most widely used search engine, and Google site map makes it really ease for search engine crawlers to instantaneously crawl ecommerce website and display the same in the search engine results. Besides by opting for Magento Development, the ecommerce store owner can define the Meta tag description of the website. Meta tags contain the data about the data; in short it gives a short and precise description to the Search engine crawlers and also to the online users about the various products and services offered online. With PSD to Magento conversion you can define the Meta tags for every web page and for each and every product being displayed on your ecommerce website.

All these features make PSD to Magento conversions a highly profitable and search engine friendly web solution.


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