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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Convert WordPress from PSD Template for Highly Advanced Websites

There are two things that most businesses look for in their website – highly advanced features and usability. You can get both when you opt for a content management system such as WordPress. It is one of the most user-friendly CMSs in the world and allows you to build feature rich website using PSD to WordPress conversion technique. Hundreds of thousands of websites have used this technique which serves as its greatest testimonial. Some of the biggest multinationals in the world make use of WordPress to manage their websites and corporate blogs.

In PSD to WordPress conversion the website is first designed in Photoshop and sliced to form the different sections of the website such as navigation panel, footer, body etc. The image files are then converted using a suitable markup such as HTML or XHTML. This turns the PSD file into a web compatible format which can be uploaded into a web server. Once the conversion is over the different elements are integrated into the WordPress admin to form a complete website. The entire website can now be controlled using a web based interface.

Benefits of Converting WordPress from PSD Template

  • Unique Looks – When you convert PSD to HTML/WordPress you get an surely unique website which is customized to meet the needs of your business. A unique looks gives you tremendous brand value in the market. Your customers will easily identify with your brand and your products and services when you have an absolutely unique website. You will also have more advantage in executing changes to your website when you opt for PSD to WordPress technique as templates often tie you up with old designs and looks. 
  • Feature Rich – No matter how good a down-loadable template is it will never have all the features that you would like your website to have. This is where PSD to CSS/WordPress theme comes out as a clear winner as your layout and structure will allow you have all the features based on your needs.  You can also make use of third-party plugins which bring in the added functionality to your website. 
  • SEO Friendly – PSD Design to HTML/WordPress websites are highly friendly towards the search engines which adds to your competitive advantage. The websites are semantically coded where every element in the website is well defined which attracts search engine crawlers and helps them index your website easily. Since the website is hand coded there are seldom any errors which help them load fast on the web browser. The codes undergo W3C validation and are also cross browser compatible. 
  • User-Friendliness – It is important that the backend of the website is user-friendly and with WordPress you don’t need to worry a thing as it is the most user-friendly content management system in the world. Any user can edit the website and add content to it without having any knowledge of coding. This serves as a great advantage in big organizations where different people use the website and it isn’t possible to give extensive training to everyone. Different levels of user permission of can be set for different users in the WordPress admin.
PSD to WordPress conversion is a highly skill demanding job and thus you need make sure you hire developers who have high level of expertise in the job. There are many web development companies in the world which specialize in this kind of web development and it would be wise for you to hire their services. Do not settle for any amateur developer even if they offer you the cost advantage as they can dent the website and harm its marketing potential.


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