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Sunday, January 29, 2012

PSD to WordPress: How it will Help you in Efficient Blogging

Over the recent few years, blogging has gained immense popularity and more and more people are coming forward to have their own blogs and share their thoughts with others. Blogging is an excellent method of sending your point across to large number of people. Moreover, when it comes to online business, blogging proves to be an additional advantage. Although there are many tools available, but WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best blogging tools. PSD to WordPress conversion provides an excellent blogging platform. With PSD to WordPress, you get a robust, dynamic, user friendly, and feature rich blogging platform. This is why more and more people across the world are opting to convert PSD to HTML/WordPress.

With PSD to CSS/WordPress theme, it is possible to get a unique, attractive, and robust blogging platform. WordPress has a large number of features that makes the whole process of blogging quite simple and efficient. PSD to WordPress conversion provides you with plethora of wonderful themes that enable you to customize and define the entire look of your blog. Moreover, professional PSD to WordPress developers can offer highly customized and tailor made designs that will give a positive boost to the blogging process and user experience.
The best thing about PSD to WordPress conversion is that it is highly reliable and provides quality results. This is not all. It provides a number of important features that make your blogging site more robust and user friendly. Some of these features are

1. Cross Browser Compatibility: A blogging platform should be accessible via different browsers like IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc. Different people use different browsers everywhere. So if a website is not accessible via all browsers, it will lose out a large number of visitors. But PSD to WordPress conversion ensures cross browser compatibility.

2. W3C Validation: W3C or the world wide web consortium provides guidelines for developers to develop a well structured website. A W3C validated website ensures that the site adheres to proper web standards and functions properly. PSD to WordPress guarantees a W3C validated website that adds value to the blogging platform.

3. Pixel Perfect Conversion: A good blogging platform should be visually appealing and should have the consistent look and feel throughout different platforms like computers. Mobiles etc. PSD to WordPress guarantees a pixel perfect conversion so that your blog bears the same look across different platforms.

4. Clean Coding Structure: In order to have an efficient blogging platform, it is important to ensure that the code is clean and error free. Even a small error can ruin the functionality of the site. Therefore, while converting PSD to markup, it should be ensured that the code is clean and error free. With PSD to WordPress, you get a website with a clean coding structure.

5. Semantic Coding: Semantic coding plays a very important role in maintaining the good navigation and visual appeal of the site. A semantic coded website is clutter free and well organized. Semantic coding ensures that all the elements are at their right placed. This lends a professional look to your blog. And this feature is provided by PSD to WordPress conversion.

6. Search Engine Optimization: PSD to WordPress conversion is highly reliable and efficient when it comes to search engine optimization. It ensures that the site is developed as per proper search engine norms. This gives an immense boost to a blog in terms of traffic, sales, and ROI.


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