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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shape Your PSD Designs to HTML With Web Compatible Conversion Process

Web compatibility is an important attribute in determining the success of your website. A web incompatible website will be nothing but a liability of the business owners. It would not solve any purpose at all and the same time may discourage the users from contacting the company because of its failure to even produce a nice web application.
In order to receive highly dynamic, fully functional and web browser compatible products, PSD to HTML conversions are a necessary. PSD files are static and heavy files and does not offer even an iota of user navigation, interactiveness and browser compatibility. However HTML forms the basis of an web pages and a subsequent conversion reveals highly browser and search engine friendly websites.

And professional PSD design to HTML conversions are followed by PSD to CSS conversions. CSS conversion aims to distinguish between the markup content and the presentation content, make the website coding really flexible and considerably reduce the same by letting the web designers to repeatedly call a function. Reduced codings make the website highly web friendly and offers users a quick experience while viewing the website.
In the rising present need of website design and development, the PSD to CSS and PSD to HTML conversion has gained a noteworthy significance. The various attributes provided by the same are discussed below.

Codes tested across various browsers to offer cross browser compatibility – once the coding is done, the coding structure will be tested across various popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and etc to check that the code is fully functional across various web platforms. Besides not just the web browsers, the code will be tested across the different versions of the web browsers to see if it is compatible with the different versions of the same web browsers. Like Internet Explorer has IE7, IE 8, IE 9 and etc, thus the resulting code will be made to be compatible with the all the different versions of the same browsers.

W3C Validation –
W3C or the world wide web consortium is the globally functional authority which validates the website. For a website in order to be fully functional and efficient, has to carry the W3C validation. The experts will hand code the PSD file in HTML and the codings will be tested and verified. A good quality coding gives the website W3C validation and hence you receive a highly web compatible and competitive website.

Search Engine Optimization – PSD to HTML conversion makes the website highly search engine friendly and lets you enjoy a high level of organic traffic. The tactic of search engine optimization comprises of searching and analyzing the most popular keywords and using the same in the content, URL, Header Tags, Meta description and etc of the website to make it rank higher on the search engines. If you are looking for a highly web compatible and search engine friendly solution, it is imperative for you to convert PSD To HTML.

Pixel Perfect conversion – the transformation of the PSD file into the HTML will be completely pixel perfect, if you would hire a professional expert to handle the same. With precise slicing and coding, the ultimate website is made to resemble the original PSD file as closely as possible. The pixel perfect conversion maintains the visual aesthetics and appearance of the website and guarantees a consistent and web compatible look of the complete webiste.


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