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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WordPress Integration with PSD to WordPress Conversion or Theme Customization

The present times have seen the increase in the demand of WordPress theme customization and integration. Though WordPress offers its users a plethora of vivid themes and designs, the users want to customize the same, to solely represents their business endeavors. Thus the professional WordPress integration and theme customization services have gained the widespread relevance in the industry.

Understanding the concept of WordPress Integration
It is not a child's play to integrate WordPress CMS in the website developed on the basis of HTML. To begin with, the PSD file is appropriately coded into HTML or related markups like XHTML etc. once the conversion has been performed, and the codes are tested across various platforms and found out to be compatible with different popular web browsers, the features of WordPress content management system are integrated with the website developed so far in HTML.
Why to convert PSD to HTML before WordPress integration?
PSD to HTML conversion forms the basis of any further CMS integration. PSD files or the Photo Shop Design files are the files exhibiting the look of the website. In the present competitive era, the look of the website is the determinant factor when it comes to attracting new visitors to your website. Adode photo shop is an important tool available with the designers which gives them enough creativity to design the file and give a new and personalized look to the website.
However the problem with Photo shop documents is that they are static and does not provide the prerequisite features of browser compatibility and user navigation etc. In order to create a web compatible and browser friendly website, it is imperative to first convert the design file into HTML. HTML or the Hype Text Markup Language forms the basis of any web page. HTML is the language spoken and understood by the Internet. Thus to make the website browser friendly and web compatible, it is required for the web developers to perform PSD to CSS/HTML conversion.

The benefits of PSD to WordPress theme!

You may wonder if PSD design to HTML or similar markup conversions are enough to yield a web compatible and cross browser compatible website, then why should one go for PSD to WordPress conversion or a subsequent WordPress integration? The answer is – to gain the competitive edge in highly competitive and overly ambitious world.
Yes a markup conversion is enough to receive a web compatible website, but in the present world of cut throat competition, just a HTML based website is not enough. WordPress CMS gives your website really advantageous features, which helps your website stand apart in the crowd. These benefits are discussed below:
It is a Search engine friendly solution – WordPress is a highly search engine friendly solution. Various search engines adores WordPress and finds it really easy to crawl WordPress blogs or websites. Along with that, WordPress CMS offers great and effective plugins directed towards improving the search engine rankings of the website. A thorough solution of the same is All in One SEO pack.

Highly scalable website development – scalability is attribute of the website which makes it capable enough to grow with the requirements of time. WordPress is based on plugin architecture and thus with the help of any plugin, the scope and functionality of the WordPress powered website can be increased.

Highly simplicity of the back end process – as a website owner, you need the CMS which does not intimidates you but makes you feel comfortable and gives you really good options to make changes in the same, WordPress offers you WordPress widgets which gives your highly easy drag and drop options to edit and update your website.

And the list of features continues. However it could be summed up that WordPress integration provides the website with much advanced features. These features give a complete A to Z solution to the website. PSD to WordPress theme performs better on the search engines, as WordPress is a search engine friendly content management system, and the resultant WordPress powered website is more user centric and gives the website owners amazing features to manage and administer the website.


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