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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

PSD To Joomla Template Conversion: Comprehensive Step By Step Procedure

In the present times, PSD to Joomla conversion has gained widespread relevance. Joomla as a back end process for a web site and plays an effective role as a content management system. PSD to Joomla conversion enables the web site solicitors to gain a highly customized and personalized web application, which is unique looking and works with the power and extensibility of Joomla CMS.

A PSD or a photo shop design file gives you enough power and potential to design the web site. There is practically no limiting factor and one can design the look and of the web site till the best of creative potential. However, these files lack the browser compatibility and are too heavy to be uploaded on the web browser. These design files provide no level of user interaction and navigation and are static in nature.

By carrying out the detailed and precise PSD to Joomla Template conversion, one gets web compatible and unique looking website.
Steps in PSD to Joomla Template Conversion -
  • A professional PSD to Joomla conversion comprises of the following steps -
  • Slicing of the PSD file.
  • PSD to HTML and PSD to CSS Conversion
  • Testing and verification of the codes.
  • Joomla CMS integration and PSD to Joomla template conversion.

A brief upon these steps are provided below -

Slicing of the PSD file – A PSD file,. ss told above, lack browser compatibility and slicing of the PSD file is a must to follow step, in order to convert the PSD file into the web compatible web site. Slicing of PSD file is done with the aim to separating the design file into various sections, which can then be coded efficient into the HTML and CSS markup elements. Slicing is the primary step and manually coding the web site and receiving a superior quality hand coded web product.

PSD to HTML and PSD to CSS conversion – PSD design to HTML conversion follows the slicing step and plays a significant role in semantic coding and web compatibility of the web site. PSD to CSS conversion ensures that coding structures are flexible, the website gets loaded quickly and is cross browser compatible.

Testing and Verification – the codes are then tested across various versions of various browsers in order to ensure cross browser compatibility.

Joomla integration, in order to give the website the power of Joomla CMS.

The Power of Joomla CMS
Joomla is one of the most popular content management system in the present times. In fact it has been pitched right next to the powerful Drupal CMS and web friendly and user firendly WordPress publishing platform. Joomla can be viewed as intersection between the two as it not only is simple and effective to use, just like WordPress CMS but also provides great functionality and is extensible enough to cater to the large scale complex web site development needs.

PSD to Joomla conversion is one of the most pragmatic option, if you are wandering around the possibilities of getting a new web site or duplicating the content of an old one, in order to increase its scope and functionality. With the wide range of Joomla extensions, Joomla is very scalable and it can be easily adjusted and manipulated, in order to increase the scope and functionality of the web site.

Joomla is also the right choice for you if although you want a complex web site but the staff you are running is not technically trained. PSD to Joomla template conversions comes in as easy and handy solution, as the user interface provided by Joomla is very easy and user centric and does not challenges the users the way Drupal does. Besides, you need not train your working staff in Joomla, PHP, HTML or any other coding or scripting language in order to work with the web site. Joomla makes it really easy for the users to manage multiple web sites with a single admin bar, without requiring any technical knowledge, and the learning curve is really steep – which means you end up learning a lot with Joomla development.


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