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Sunday, January 22, 2012

An Overview of PSD to Drupal Conversion Process

PSD is a Photoshop Design, which after being converted into HTML, can be integrated with Drupal ensuring customized appearance for your Website. Drupal is one of the widely preferred Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS), which allow a website owner to get customized theme on the site in simple steps. PSD to Drupal Conversion is not a tough process; however, if you are new to HTML and Open Source Content Management systems, you will need technical assistance of Drupal Developers to execute the task.

Significance of PSD file: A PSD file, as we already talked about, is a Photoshop Design that allows a person to creatively design the pages of a website. A Photoshop Design is not dynamic page and it does not allow incorporation of any interactive tools. Besides, PSD is not browser compatible; hence, it could not be uploaded directly on Drupal. It needs to be converted into HTML first and then the HTML coding is integrated with Drupal. Before the theme is uploaded, the PSD file is sliced in order to make its elements such as text, images, logos, etc., separate from each other. These elements are then coded as HTML pages.
Knowledge of HTML: HTML is a markup language, which is used to define the look of the pages. It also decides how a tool or application should behave with the users. Without HTML, it is impossible to design the web pages at all. Nowadays, HTML5 is also used for PSD to HTML/Drupal Conversion. HTML5 is an updated version of HTML, which several multimedia functions.

Significance of CSS: CSS, which mean Cascading Style Sheet, also play an important role while converting any PSD to CSS/Drupal Theme. Through CSS, you define the style guide for the HTML coding and get the desired look of your website. CSS allows you to manage font, background color, text, graphics and other elements of the page.

Technical Knowledge: There are certain technical things or commands, which should be followed while you convert PSD to HTML. For example, you should not slice text box as they are not SEO friendly (these boxes cannot be searched by Search Engines); the images on the pages should be small; you should make the proper color combination so that your pages appear clean when pulled up on browsers. Prefer RGB than CYMK. You can do the changes by navigating to <IMAGE > MODE > RGB>. Besides, you should also be aware of the fact that when you save the slices, which are to be integrated with your Drupal site, you should always prefer PNG-24 file format as it has highest support of colors. After the above steps, you may also need technical help for downloading and integrating the HTML coding with your Drupal Site. You have to download Drupal and make necessary folders to save the HTML and CSS files. You will also need to make certain changes in the Administration Panel of Drupal to manage the site. Besides, through <ADMIN > SITE BUILDING > BLOCKS> you can also add or configure Blocks.

Many a time, people do not prefer to do the PSD to Drupal Theme Conversion process on their own and hire expert Drupal Developers for the same. Hiring Drupal Developers is also not very expensive and provide you with enough scope to customize the site according to your desires. W3C Validation, Cross Browser Compatibility, Semantic Coding and Pixel Perfect Conversion are some other factors, which are taken care of by expert Drupal Developers very well. All the above elements allows you to run a site which meets the standards of W3C consortium, runs on all the browsers, position the internal content specifically and ensure consistent look of the website, respectively.


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